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Defibrillator Damaged by Vandals!


We were devastated to learn that the community defibrillator, which we organised installation of and maintain, was recently vandalised by youths.
Four late-teenage youths, three of them riding bikes, were seen by a resident at 4.05am, hammering at the weather proof casing unit and separate key box with a rock from the beach. They have broken the key box but not managed to extract the key from inside it, and instead have smashed the box sufficiently to remove and take the defibrillator unit itself. The defibrillator was later found thrown on the beach. The incident was reported to the police.


As many of you will know we worked with North West Ambulance Service in early 2016 to provide this public access external defibrillator for everyone’s benefit. Not only is this a residential area where a lot of elderly people live, it is also very busy practically every day of the year. It was an important piece of equipment which could be used to save lives.
The resident who saw the crime being committed said “I’m very disappointed as this is a vital piece of Lifesaving Equipment supported by NWAS. This was a thoughtless act that four youths choose to vandalise such an important piece of lifesaving equipment as it was strategically positioned on the Promenade to support the local community.”

We now have the actual defib itself back and the good news is that it's in working order. The bad news is that a stronger, more robust box will be expensive. We don't know how much it will cost yet but believe it will be the thick end of a thousand pounds.

We have been touched and heartened by your response - so much so that we would like to bring a good result out of a bad act, and raise enough funds to install a second unit on the seafront. A 4 minute walk radiates from each public AED, meaning that our box literally covers our beach. A second unit would give coverage as far as the Jubilee Leisure Park. We will be working with our friends at The Venue to install the additional unit there.

So please continue to support this campaign - you're helping to do a really great job!

Help us to raise funds to replace this lifesaving equipment, please click here.




Coastal Defences & Beach Monitoring
with Carl Green, Head of Engineering - Wyre Council

Wednesday 8th November - 6:00 pm




Rossall Beach Group volunteers and the children of Class 3 who made the video


Along with equipment and plants appearing in the shops, Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group are celebrating the start of the gardening season by reminding people not to take the Very Important Pebbles off the beach to use in their horticultural displays, but to buy them from an approved source instead.

The community group look after the northern stretch of pebble beach at Cleveleys and have enlisted the help of the children of nearby Manor Beach School to produce a little video clip that explains why people are asked not to take the pebbles home with them.

Jane Littlewood, Chair of the charity explains “A high beach is one of the best forms of sea defence that there is – the porosity of the beach material absorbs the energy of the sea and stops big high waves from forming which could otherwise come over the sea wall.

The children of Manor Beach School came to the beach and were filmed demonstrating, by using buckets of water, how waves bounce into the air when they hit a wall, compared to how their energy is dissipated when reaching the porous beach.

The sea wall where people love to park their cars on Rossall Promenade to watch over the beach is very low, so it’s important that the beach is maintained as a good sea defence. The promenade is on a bit of a higher crest, but the streets heading back towards the tram tracks are below sea level – and they are the ones who would potentially suffer if a flood event were to happen, as they did in the 1 in 200 year storm in 2013.”

Every year when the weather warms up, people are frequently seen coming to this spot of beach, equipped with buckets and strong bags, in vans and with trailers to take pebbles away by volume.

Jane added “It’s not a question of being small minded and worrying about a few pebbles. If everyone who came to this popular spot filled their car boot to the point that the axle was ready for breaking there would just be no pebbles left here and a lot of homes could be put at risk.”

“The Rossall Beach Group want everyone to be able to enjoy the beautiful beach which all of our volunteers work hard to look after for everyone’s enjoyment.”

Watch the latest video below



IN 2017


Here’s a new way to get fit – come to Cleveleys, enjoy the fresh air and gentle exercise, spending time litter picking on the beach at a time to suit yourself.

Did you know that Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group has a ‘Lone Beach Cleaner’ programme, along with the popular monthly community beach clean which has been running now for several years, in a bid to make environmental protection accessible for everyone.

If you fancy spending some time on the beach litter picking on your own, enjoying the peace and quiet and doing something really productive at the same time, then the Rossall Group can loan you the equipment that you need.



Promotional Film

We've put together this promotional film to show people what we do and what we are about. Please share this with your friends and neighbours and perhaps they would like to join and have some fun!



You may remember we took part in the Fleetwood Scarecrow Festival earlier in the year. Here is a comical short film showing how we made the scarecrows at the community centre one afternoon!




We are delighted to have been chosen to receive the prestigious Queens Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) - the MBE for groups of volunteers who work in their local community for the benefit of others. The group also received an invitation for representatives to attend a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, and we have been presented with a certificate signed by the Queen and an exclusive commemorative crystal by Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire at a formal reception at County Hall, Preston.

Check out our video on the right for the full story and click here to see more photographs of this prestigious event in Preston


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Beach Buddies Roadshow went to Fleetwood Library and welcomed their special guest, Brett Davison from Radio
Lancashire. You can see how the interview went by watching this short video.






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